One easy way to win a home owner’s insurance claim

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Has your water damage claim been denied?

If you are ever denied on an insurance claim from water damage, there’s one easy way to win against or even prevent a denial of coverage!  Your service history, or your maintenance records, of your roof and exterior envelope may play a large roll in your ability to recover funds under your home owner’s insurance policy after a water event like a hurricane or bad storm.  I recently listened to a couple podcasts from GCI Consulting found here, https://www.everythingbuildingenvelope.com/. These are always informational and highly recommended. They had on an attorney and an insurance adjuster who just made so much sense. Without a service or maintenance history, your insurance company can deny your claim based on your failure to maintain your home properly.  We have actually seen situations where what appears to be failed sealants was actually storm or peril produced damage to window units from high winds or prolonged cyclical winds and coverage was denied for lack of maintenance because of cracks in sealants noted by the insurance agent.  So failure to maintain a service record could get your water damage claim denied and cost you thousands, 10s of thousands or 100s of thousands on a future claim.  Conversely, having a written service record like an inspection by a licensed professional that follows globally recognized industry standards like ASTM, IICRC and others, can help you, your adjuster or your attorney should you ever be denied on a water damage claim.  You’ll also be proactive in preventing concealed mold growth, termite damage or structural issues that could cost you significantly. 

Consider hiring a licensed home inspector to inspect, photograph and/or video your property’s roof and exterior envelop.  Then save repair receipts with your report.  You’ll pat yourself on the back later!  You’ll also be ensuring the longevity and structural integrity of your property and its eventual re-sale value!  

Protecting your insurance claims

A detailed service history can be the difference between a successful insurance claim and a denied one.  A licensed home inspector can be the key to fortifying your claim.

Unmasking hidden threats

Beyond insurance concerns, an inspector can often discover conditions conducive to concealed issues like mold growth, termite damage and structural issues. These silent threats, if left unnoticed, can escalate into major financial burdens, kill property values and stop a home sale in it’s tracks. Employing a simple “Service History” inspection acts as a proactive measure to identify and address potential problems before they spiral out of control.

Documentation matters

A home inspector can provide a defensible report through photographs and videos.  This documentation that follows worldwide accepted inspections standards like ASTM2128, ASTM D7338, IICRC S500 & 520 and others can serve as a powerful tool in negotiations with insurance adjusters or legal proceedings in case of claim denials.

Professional insight and expertise

The expertise that licensed home inspectors bring to the table from identifying storm or peril-induced damages to evaluating the overall health of your roof and exterior envelope, these professionals offer insights that go beyond what the untrained eye can discern. Our expertise can empower you to make informed decisions about necessary repairs and maintenance.

Long-term cost savings

Bottom line here is the long-term financial benefits of investing in a licensed home inspector now helps create and sustain greater value when you eventually sell your home and face a buyer’s inspector.  Don’t let yourself be manipulated or overwhelmed, it’s your call!


This article serves as an eye-opener to the invaluable advantages that come with hiring a licensed home inspector. From safeguarding your insurance claims to unveiling hidden threats and benefiting from professional insights, the decision to invest in a pre-storm or pre-sale inspection is a proactive step towards securing your home investment for years to come and ensuring a greater home value.  Don’t wait for issues to escalate – empower yourself with the knowledge and protection that a licensed home inspector can provide.

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