Warranty Information

Mold Safe Insurance Policy

Mold Safe

Covers up to a $2000 remediation for mold we might miss.

Threshold Inspection for Chinese Drywall

Chinese drywall was a toxic type of drywall that arrived in the United stated in the early 2000s. Our inspectors look for signs of physical manifestations while performing your regular home evaluation. We do not charge anything for this, we feel this is an obligatory service.

Home Owners Resource Tech Support

125 Day Warranty Plus

Full Concierge Service

When you have a home inspection performed by us you will receive an email about a week after your inspection offering our Free Concierge Service. Our partners work with over 150,000 Real Estate Professionals throughout the U.S.  and Canada and deliver over 140,000 services for real estate transactions, new moves, and new service installs monthly giving us the Guaranteed Best pricing and service in the industry.

The Inspectagator along with ISG Full Concierge is the only service of its kind with an in-house utility team, solar team, communications, satellite & cable team, and access to more services than any other Utility Connection Provider anywhere. ISG and the ISG Full Concierge serve more than 1 in 4 home buyers throughout America.

For Concierge Service Call: 888-263-2844

Lifetime Monitoring for Appliance Recalls

Recall Chek
The Inspectagator lifetime safety recall check of your appliances

A Simple explanation of our Warranties

How do Inspection Warranties and Warranties from Closing work Together?

18 Month Home Warranty

The Inspectagator The SIMPLE Warranty

Underground Sewer Line Coverage

Sewer Gard

Security System Inspection or Installation

5 Year Roof Leak Repair Coverage

Platinum Roof Protection Plan

This service contract is for the repair of leaks to your home’s roof for a period of 5 Years following the date of inspection. The service contract covers only those items specifically listed and excludes all others, subject to the terms and conditions herein.

This policy covers all residential roof types, including asphalt/composition shingles, slate roofs, metal roofs, tile roofs, and non-commercial flat roof types. This policy applies only to the home itself, and specifically excludes other structures.