Home Inspection Packages & Services

Greatest Home Inspection*

A technical, thorough, descriptive, and detail-oriented inspection that is above and beyond industry standards.

Includes all major components:

  • Electrical
  • Mechanical
  • Plumbing
  • Exterior Building Envelope
  • Roofing 

Our inspectors pull electrical panels to verify wire and breaker sizes match, document AC and heat operation, inspect the exterior building envelope, the plumbing system, appliances, and even crawl through the attic.

In addition, you have the option to purchase an 18 month home protection warranty for the price of 12 months (that’s 6 months free)!


30 - 50 Page Report


3-4 Hour Inspection

Included Extras

  • Infrared Survey by a Certified Thermographer
  • Threshold Inspection for Chinese Drywall
  • RecallChek- Lifetime
  • Mold probability assessment
  • NXT Structural Warranty ($10K)
  • Manual building permit search
  • 90 Day Structural and Mechanical Warranty
  • 90 Day MoldSafe
  • 90 Day SewerGard
  • 5-Year Platinum Roof Protection Plan
  • Full Concierge Service
  • Homeowners Resource Membership
Pricing based on square feet, age, and special features.

*Condo / Townhome Inspections

We perform everything that a full home inspection gets without the roof and exterior envelope which can be added for a nominal fee. The exterior envelope and roof can be added for additional fee. The condo/townhouse inspection takes about 2-3 hours.

Great Home Inspection

A limited inspection where the report is more of a checklist of the 5 major components; roof, exterior envelope, mechanical system, electrical panels, and plumbing system. It is designed to be more affordable, quicker, and not as technical as a full home inspection.

The inspection excludes window, doors, appliances and receptacles. This tends to be around a 20 page report, and typically takes about 3 hours. The Express Inspection does not include an infrared scan, but can be added for just $35.


20 Page Report


3 Hour Inspection

Included Extras

  • 90 Day Structural and Mechanical Warranty
  • 90 Day SewerGard
  • 90 Day MoldSafe
  • 5-Year Platinum Roof Protection Plan
  • Full Concierge Service
  • Homeowners Resource Membership
Pricing based on square feet, age, and special features.
Why Inspectagator is more expensive

Pre-Listing Inspection

Looking to sell your home? We perform an inspection that focuses on the major systems. You’ll effectively eliminate your competition and hopefully limit or eliminate any contingencies from buyers. With the pre-listing inspection you also, have the ability to pass on an 18 month full home warranty that you can bill to closing.

Included Extras

  • 90 Day Structural and Mechanical Warranty
  • 90 Day SewerGuard
  • 5-Year Platinum Roof Protection Plan
  • Full Concierge Service
  • Homeowners Resource Membership
Pricing Starts at $315

Walk and Talk Consultation

Never skip a home inspection when purchasing a home, that would be fiscally irresponsible. We understand the pressure and temptation to do so in this hot market so if you are in a position whereby it’s simply not possible, then we recommend a Walk and Talk Consultation.

Tour your potential new home with a trained inspector who will provide an experienced and valuable point of view.  They will help you identify potential major issues that could be expensive to remedy once you close.  

Because this is a limited timeframe, that time is best spent in conversation and no report and no pictures will be provided.  Your Walk and Talk will never replace a full home inspection however it is far superior than no professional guidance.

    Skip the home inspection?

    30 - 60 Minutes

    New Construction Phase Inspections Only

     In phase inspections we focus on three phases; pre-slab, pre-drywall and final inspection at the end.

    a) 1st phase / Pre-slab  We inspect the presence of mechanical and electrical chases, plumbing lines, steel in footing, general size of footings, vapor barriers, etc.
    b) 2nd phase / Pre-drywall We look at all the rough trades; electrical, mechanical, plumbing and framing.
    c) 3rd phase / Final- A complete and thorough evaluation of the home for the purposes of establishing a “Punch List” for the Builder.* 

    *Cosmetic items need to be addressed by the Client for inclusion in the report.
    Pricing based on square feet, age, and special features.


    May be added to any type of inspection and some can be done stand alone*

    A) WDO (Wood Destroying Organism / Termite) Inspection starts at $175
    Sewer scope $250 (*Stand Alone $300)
    C) Electronic pool leakalyzer $150 (*Stand Alone $225)
    D) Pool leak dye testing – Level 1 $185 (*Stand Alone $225)
    E) Wind Mitigation $110 (*Stand Alone $160)
    F) Four Point $110 (*Stand alone not available)
    G) Advanced mechanical starts at $200
    H) Drone photographs starts at $50
    I) Mold testing starting at $285 (*Stand Alone starts at $320 )
    J) Infrared $285 Sample Report
    K) O3 Sanitization starts at $149 (*Stand alone starts at $199)
    L) Fogging Sanitization starts at $149 (*Stand alone starts at $199)
    M) Combo O3 and Fogging starts at $250

    Valuable & Advanced Services from Inspectagator

    Commercial Building Inspection

    Commercial property inspections help identify current or potential issues with a building and surrounding property.

    We Inspect:

    • Building Envelope and Structure
    • Structural and Roof Systems
    • Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems

    At Monolith Commercial Building Inspections we can provide inspection services for almost any commercial building in Central Florida. Apartment Buildings, Condominiums, Medical Plazas, Warehouses, Office Buildings, Restaurants, Retail Stores, Churches.


    Pool Leak Detection

    Pool repairs can be extremely expensive, this is why the Inspectagator recommends a Pool Leak Detection be completed on all pools.  Our electronic pool leak detection equipment can detect water loss in a pool down to 1/10,000th of an inch.  We also offer a Level 1 dye test that is great for locating a pool leak with an actual-in-the-water test that usually isolates the specific leaking spot.

    electronic leak detection and advanced inspection services

    Moisture intrusion and mold inspections

    We attempt to source your moisture intrusion or moisture migration, document any current and/or potential adverse affects via visual, moisture meter and high resolution infrared thermal imaging. We are also able to take air or swab samples for the presence or amplification of molds.

    All you need to know about Mold Inspections

    Mold testing at the Inspectagator

    Pre/Post Tenant Move In/Move Out Documentation

    Tenant move in/move out inspections document the condition of the home via text, digital images and/or video. Files are printed and emailed to you as a third party documentation service in order to avoid future or present disputes.

    Sewer Scope

    We recommend a Sewer Scope be completed during the due diligence because a visual home inspection cannot determine the condition of the underground main sewer line.  Repairs to the sewer line can cost thousands of dollars and a lot of headaches for you.  We highly recommend looking for cast iron pipes in homes built in the 1970s or earlier.
        (*sewer scope report does not guarantee video or pictures)

    Inspectagator intro sewer cam video

    Divorce Inspections

    You don’t want to discover and own expensive and necessary repairs after the divorce. In our decades of experience, we have found tens of thousands of dollars in needed renovations or replacements that home owners were completely unaware of. Discover now those things that could be devastating later. To protect you and your family and ensure a balanced distribution of assets, call and reserve an unbiased inspection of your home today.

    Orlando Fl Divorce Inspections, Divorce Inspection, Home In

    Wind Mitigation Inspection

    If your insurance company requires you to obtain a wind mitigation inspection (form 1802), we are certified to perform these. The inspection basically confirms a list of construction methods that if in place can secure you discounts on the wind portion of your home owner’s insurance. Time frame is from ½ hour to 1.5 hours depending on how much information we can gather prior to the inspection.

    We can sanitize your house prior to moving in.  This can be via ozone generation, fogging or both depending on your size of home and wishes.

    Orange Blue and Green Clean

    RE agents, how do your clients know if that house is clean and safe? #sanitize