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Systems/ Technology / Capacity / Skillset

Nobody does what we do

So you’re looking for a Home Inspector and they

all look alike?

Our highly technical inspection, Systems, Standard Operating Procedures, equipment, and personnel are vastly different than nearly every other home inspection company in the Orlando area.

Inspectagator team hired to inspect Shaquille O'neal's house!
Inspecting Shaquille O'Neal's home, a 2nd time

From shacks to Shaq’s!

3 Infrared camera photos side by side

We Understand Building Science

With a Full Home Inspection we include an interior and electrical panel infrared scan with one of our FLIR E95/E60/T420/B250 high resolution thermal imaging cameras done by a Certified Thermographer.

Not all home inspectors are alike
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Celebrities and CEOs trust us.

We have a team that can handle last minute inspections or mansions.

We take time to look at details others don’t

Other average inspectors take 1-1.5 hours to complete a home inspection. Our average time-frame is between 3-4 hours. The technical level and complexity is reflected in that time-frame.

We perform WDO (Wood Destroying Organism) Inspections

A WDO inspection is an important tool to detect the presence of various Wood Destoying Organisms such as termites, wood boring beetles, and wood decaying fungi that are present in Orlando and Central Florida.

By booking your termite inspection with Inspectagator you can save a call, site visit, and a higher cost from another provider since we will already be on the propery for your full home inspection.

Do I have a mold problem?
What if a home inspector misses something?
How to choose a home inspector, Consumer Awareness Guide
How much does a home inspection cost in Florida

Pricing based
on what
YOU need.

Pricing is typically based on size, age and features of the home. Other companies may lead you down the “we’re cheaper” road because that’s all they can compete on.

We offer different inspection levels based on your needs and goals.

Full Home Inspection

A technical, thorough, descriptive, and detail-oriented inspection that is above and beyond industry standards. This inspection includes all the major components; electrical, mechanical, plumbing, exterior building envelope, and roofing.

Bowl Eligible
(Investor Inspection)

A limited inspection where the report is more of a checklist of the 5 major components; roof, exterior envelope, mechanical system, electrical panels, and plumbing system. It is designed to be more affordable, quicker, and not as technical as a full home inspection.

Pre-Listing Inspection

Looking to sell your home? We perform an inspection that focuses on the major systems. You’ll effectively eliminate your competition and hopefully limit or eliminate any contingencies from buyers. 
Pricing Starts at $315

New Construction Phase Inspections Only

In phase inspections we focus on three phases; pre-slab, pre-drywall and final inspection at the end.

a) 1st phase / Pre-slab We inspect the presence of mechanical and electrical chases, plumbing lines, steel in footing, general size of footings, vapor barriers, etc.
b) 2nd phase / Pre-drywall We look at all the rough trades; electrical, mechanical, plumbing and framing.
c) 3rd phase / Final A complete and thorough evaluation of the home for the purposes of establishing a “Punch List” for the Builder.*

*Cosmetic items need to be addressed by the Client for inclusion in the report.
Pricing based on square feet, age, and special features.
New construction, pre-drywall inspections cannot be done by just any home inspector
New construction home inspections, few home inspection companies are qualified to do them.


May be added to any type of inspection and some can be done stand alone*

A) Chomp Chomp - WDO (Wood Destroying Organism / Termite) Inspection starts at $175
B) Heisman - Sewer scope starts at $299 (*Stand alone starts at $399)
C) Swamp Thing - Mold testing starting at $285 (*Stand Alone starts at $425 )
D) Orange Blue & Green - Fogging Sanitization starts at $149 (*Stand alone starts at $199)
E) Balcony inspections - Pricing based on quantity and location
F) Electronic pool leakalyzer $150
G) Wind Mitigation $110 (*Stand Alone $160)
H) Four Point $110
I) Advanced mechanical starts at $200
J) Drone photographs starts at $50
K) Infrared $285 Sample Report
L) Service each AC system
M) HVAC annual service agreement
N) Flush each water heater
O) Install photoelectric smoke detectors
P) Septic pump and inspection
Q) Create a repair cost estimate from home inspection report**
**If you choose us to perform ALL repairs, your inspection fee will be reimbursed up to $500!


Our Commercial Building Inspection Division, Monolith Building Inspections

Commercial property inspections help identify current or potential issues with a building and surrounding property.

Property Condition Assessments, Modified Property Condition Assessments, Specialty Inspections, 360 Degree Building Tours.

At Monolith Commercial Building Inspections we can provide inspection services for almost any commercial building in Central Florida. Apartment Buildings, Condominiums, Medical Plazas, Warehouses, Office Buildings, Restaurants, Retail Stores, Churches.

Walk and Talk Consultation

Never skip a home inspection when purchasing a home, that would be fiscally irresponsible. We understand the pressure and temptation to do so in this hot market so if you are in a position whereby it’s simply not possible, then we recommend a Walk and Talk Consultation.

Tour your potential new home with a trained inspector who will provide an experienced and valuable point of view.  They will help you identify potential major issues that could be expensive to remedy once you close.  

Overwhelming Value

We Provide Limited Warranties

Free of Charge

Sewer Gard
Mold Safe
Recall Chek
Platinum Roof Protection Plan
125 day warranty Logo
Gator Logo, 20 Years overwhelming credibility and value

We do what you need better and

encourage you to compare us with anyone else in the area

Our inspectors have Ekeys!

Book with Ron Morelli, Teddy Miranda, David Camacho, or Peter Lofgren who now have eKey access.

*Supra/eKey limited to specific counties

The home inspection business is one that takes many years to learn to do right, not one where someone just takes a class and opens up a full time home inspection company.

Not only have we inspected homes full time since 1998, we operate a Department of Business and Professional regulation approved home inspection school.

We have the best home inspection tools and equipment for the job, some of which are very expensive and other companies simply won’t buy. This allows us to find issues others simply can not or do not understand.

Inspectagator Gator Jones Logo

Years in Business

Overwhelming Credibility

  • State Certified Building Contractor
  • State Certified Home Inspectors
  • State Certified Mold Assessor
  • State Certified Mold Remediator
  • IICRC Water Restoration Technician
  • Wood Destroying Organism Inspectors
  • (2) B.S. Building Construction, Univ. of Florida
  • ASHI Certified Members
  • FABI Master Professional Inspector
  • FABI Registered Professional Inspectors
  • Certified Level 1 Infrared Thermographers
  • Certified Residential Thermographers
  • ICC Residential Building and Plumbing Inspector
  • EPA Certified Renovator
  • ITA Certified Manufactured Home Inspector

  • NSPF Certified Pool-Spa Inspector
  • HIUFL Certified Advanced Pool Inspectors
  • HIUFL Sewer Cam Qualified inspectors
  • NORMI Certified Biocide Applicator
  • NOA Certified Ozone Technician
  • PaRR/FEMA Disaster Housing Inspector
  • State Certified Radon Measurement Tech
  • NAMM Certified Moisture Management Inspectors
  • Remote Airmen Certification with sUAS Rating
  • Author Tactical Real Estate Negotiator and National Speaker
  • As heard on Simanton Real Estate show 660WORL, the Fred Allen Real Estate Show 660WORL, The Handyman Hour with Jeff & Debbie Gold 660WORL.
  • As read in The New York Times, Orlando Magazine, and CFRI, IRC and FABI Newsletters.

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No Interest Financing Available

We offer 0% interest financing for 6 months through PayPal Credit. To read more about this service, visit PayPal’s website.

PayPal Credit

To book your home inspection using PayPal Credit please let us know at the time of booking to redeem this offer.

Recent Customer Reviews

Excellent attention and knowledge of the inspector.

Roberto Canton Avatar Roberto Canton
September 14, 2023

Good guality

Yvonne Lugootero Avatar Yvonne Lugootero
April 25, 2023

We've used Inspectagtor for our last 2 home purchases. They are professional and detail-oriented. They find things that many home inspection companies do not. Our inspector was Ronald Morelli and... read more

Mrs Smith Avatar Mrs Smith
January 15, 2024

Quick, friendly and affordable

Gilberto Serrano Ocana Avatar Gilberto Serrano Ocana
January 22, 2024

I went with Inspectagator from a recommendation from my handyman. Jeff Clair is an excellent inspector for a new build currently in progress. He was on time to our appointment,... read more

Sean Klover Avatar Sean Klover
December 9, 2022

Professional and thorough pre-dry wall inspection for our new build! Would use again!

Justin Avatar Justin
September 9, 2022

Updated disclosure form and a public announcement coming soon! Here’s the basic message:

100% of all transactions where you did the inspection comes with $5,000 in E&O Deductible Protection for the referring agent. If the client doesn’t take the agent’s advice on using the best inspection they just fill out this form. We will still cover it.

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