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We wanted to let all our customers know that we are taking great precautions to ensure we are here and ready during this time. We are scheduling as usual. We will also be following current guidelines, for example, 6’ distance, masks, gloves, etc. We are asking all parties not to attend the inspection. It is in everyone’s best interest to adhere to this policy. We thank you for partnering with us during this time.

We understand that this is an unprecedented situation that puts strains on all of us, but we want everyone to know that if you have any questions or concerns, we are here to help everyone be comfortable and respected.

So you’re looking for a Home Inspector and they

all look alike?

Our highly technical inspection, Systems, Standard Operating Procedures, equipment, and personnel are vastly different than nearly every other home inspection company in the Orlando area.

Infrared image of overheating electrical component
Infrared Image of overheating wire
Infrared Leak
Not all home inspectors are alike

We Understand Building Science

With a Full Home Inspection we include an interior and electrical panel infrared scan with one of our FLIR E95/E60/T420/B250 high resolution thermal imaging cameras done by a Certified Thermographer.

We take time to look at details others don’t

Each Full Home Inspection includes a thorough evaluation of the home’s electrical systems, mechanical, plumbing, exterior building envelope, and roofing. A custom bound report will be printed on-site detailing your inspection.

Our inspectors have Ekeys!

Book with Bradley Scott, Austin Reynolds or Ron Morelli who now have eKey access.

Overwhelming Value

We do what you need better and

encourage you to compare us with anyone else in the area

The home inspection business is one that takes many years to learn to do right, not one where someone just takes a class and opens up a full time home inspection company.

Not only have we inspected homes full time since 1998, we operate a Department of Business and Professional regulation approved home inspection school.

We have the best home inspection tools and equipment for the job, some of which are very expensive and other companies simply won’t buy. This allows us to find issues others simply can not or do not understand.

We even computer generate your custom inspection report on site.

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Years in Business

Overwhelming Credibility

  • (2) B.S. Building Construction, Univ. of Florida
  • ASHI Certified Members #204955, #258588
  • FABI Registered Professional Inspectors MPI0354, RPI0736, RPI0833, RPI0868
  • State Certified Building Contractor CBC056105
  • Certified Level 1 Infrared Thermographers #18752, #18967
  • Certified Residential Thermographers #2014061902, #2016033101, #2018091409
  • ICC Residential Building Inspector #5180744-B1
  • ICC Residential Plumbing Inspector #5180744-P1
  • State Certified Mold Assessor MRSA1841

  • State Certified Home Inspectors HI171, HI8396 , HI2299, HI9238, HI11103, HI11978
  • EPA Certified Renovator RI-8391-10-0022
  • ITA Certified Manufactured Home Inspector #102802f
  • ITA trained Pool & Spa
  • Combat veteran, Senior Chief, 26 years US Navy
  • Author Tactical Real Estate Negotiator and The Savvy Agent
  • As heard on Simanton Real Estate show 660WORL, the Fred Allen Real Estate Show 660WORL, The Handyman Hour with Jeff & Debbie Gold 660WORL.
  • As read in The New York Times, Orlando Magazine, and CFRI, IRC and FABI Newsletters.

Pricing based on what

YOU need.

Pricing is typically based on size, age and features of the home. Other companies may lead you down the “we’re cheaper” road because that’s all they can compete on.

We offer different inspection levels based on your needs and goals.

Greatest Inspection

A technical, thorough, descriptive, and detail-oriented inspection that is above and beyond industry standards. This inspection includes all the major components; electrical, mechanical, plumbing, exterior building envelope, and roofing.

Great Inspection

A limited inspection where the report is more of a checklist of the 5 major components; roof, exterior envelope, mechanical system, electrical panels, and plumbing system. It is designed to be more affordable, quicker, and not as technical as a full home inspection.

Pre-Listing Inspection

Looking to sell your home? We perform an inspection that focuses on the major systems. You’ll effectively eliminate your competition and hopefully limit or eliminate any contingencies from buyers. 

Pricing Starts at $315

New Construction Phase Inspections Only

In phase inspections we focus on three phases; pre-slab, pre-drywall and final-performance / aesthetics inspection at the end.

a) 1st phase/pre-slab  we inspect the presence of mechanical and electrical chases, plumbing lines, steel in footing, general size of footings, vapor barriers, etc.
b) 2nd phase/pre-drywall we look at all the rough trades; electrical, mechanical, plumbing and framing.
c) 3rd phase/final-performance/aestheticsA complete and thorough evaluation of the home for the purposes of establishing a “Punch List” for the Builder.

Pricing based on square feet, age, and special features.


May be added to any type of inspection and some can be done stand alone*

a) Sewer scope $200 (*Stand Alone $300)
b) Electronic pool leakalyzer $150 (*Stand Alone $225)
c) Pool leak dye testing – Level 1 $185 (*Stand Alone $225)
d) Wind Mitigation $110 (*Stand Alone $160)
e) Four Point $110 (*Stand alone not available)
f) Advanced mechanical starts at $200
g) Drone photographs starts at $50
h) Mold testing starting at $285 (*Stand Alone starts at $320 )
i) Infrared $285 Sample Report
j) O3 Sanitization starts at $149 (*Stand alone starts at $199)
k) Fogging Sanitization starts at $149 (*Stand alone starts at $199)
l) Combo O3 and Fogging starts at $250

Call or click to schedule your Home Inspection

407-678-HOME (4663)

Updated disclosure form and a public announcement coming soon! Here’s the basic message:

100% of all transactions where you did the inspection comes with $5,000 in E&O Deductible Protection for the referring agent. If the client doesn’t take the agent’s advice on using the best inspection they just fill out this form. We will still cover it.

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