Can I skip the home inspection?

Skip the home inspection?

Advanced Mechanical Inspection

Inspectagator advanced mechanical inspections

Mold Testing

Mold testing at the Inspectagator

Spray Painted Roof

spray painted roof

Sewer Cam

Inspectagator intro sewer cam video

Home inspectors don’t buy cheap tools


Renters beware

Home Inspector finds Stray current

Home inspector accidentally finds stray current

You’re buying a house with septic?

You're buying a house with septic????

Why air flow is criticial to AC function.

Why air flow is CRITICAL in the function of the AC

Unpermited AC panel

Is your home inspector distorted & clear as mud?

Avoid a Regretful home inspection

avoid a regretful home inspection in under 10 minutes, orlando

Why we can’t deviate from our processes

why we can't deviate from our processes

Bootleg receptacle found

Bootleg receptacle found in Winter Park home inspection

Improper roof installation

improper roof installation and degradation

Someone isn’t telling the truth

someone not telling the truth #inspectagator #homeinspectororlando

New Construction Framing Detail

New construction inspections, framing detail

New Construction Exterior Issues

new const exterior issues #newconstructioninspections

Garage Enclosure

garage "enclosure"

New Construction Inspections

New construction home inspections, few home inspection companies are qualified to do them.

Why Inspectagator is more expensive

Why Inspectagator is more expensive

Electronic Leak Detection

electronic leak detection and advanced inspection services

Static Pressure Testing AC System

Static pressure testing AC system

TV Interview with Jon Bolton


The world’s Most Interesting Inspector

the most interesting inspector in the world 2

The Simple Warranty

The Inspectagator The SIMPLE Warranty

Electrical Circuit Tester

circuit tester.AVI

Stupid Stories

Nude dude at an Orlando home inspection!

How did you miss wet clothes on a home inspection??? Home inspector FAIL!

dead body discovery at Orlando home inspection! Home inspection FAIL!

Poop panic at a home inspection in Orlando! Home inspection FAIL!

So the smell happened to be the real estate agent! That's a real estate FAIL!

Stapled roof shingle repair found at Orlando home inspection. That's a home inspector FAIL!

Real estate closing in Orlando comes to a screaching halt! That's a real estate FAIL!


Home inspection reveals seller got ripped off, this 3 year old roof needs to be replaced!

😯 Home inspection in Deland, FL reveals home owners got ripped off! This roof needs to be replaced!

Possible Pool Leak detected

Pool inspection in Orlando. Home inspection FAIL!

How air conditioning works

A very simple explanation of how an air conditioner works...

No Shortage of Stupid

No shortage of stupid 2!

Home & Garden TV Interview