Structural Home Inspection

Pool Inspection

Advanced Mechanical Inspection

Inspectagator advanced mechanical inspections

Mold Testing

Mold testing at the Inspectagator

Mositure Intrusion

Exterior Home Inspection

Spray Painted Roof

spray painted roof

Sewer Cam

Inspectagator intro sewer cam video

Sewer Cam

IG sewer cam video

Home Inspection

Why Inspectagator is more expensive

Why Inspectagator is more expensive

Electronic Leak Detection

electronic leak detection and advanced inspection services

Static Pressure Testing AC System

Static pressure testing AC system

TV Interview with Jon Bolton


The world’s Most Interesting Inspector

the most interesting inspector in the world 2

The Simple Warranty

The Inspectagator The SIMPLE Warranty

Electrical Circuit Tester

circuit tester.AVI

Garage Enclosure

garage "enclosure"

Home & Garden TV Interview