Top-Rated Home Inspectors in Winter Park, FL

Your new home shouldn’t be full of surprises! That’s why The Inspectagator provides home inspections for the residents of Winter Park FL that evaluates all systems and areas of a home and provides our findings in a detailed report. Choose among our different packages depending on what you need and our add-ons to include an even deeper look into additional areas such as pools, sewer lines, mold and more. We’ve been providing inspections for 21 years so we’ve seen just about everything and can save you money on repairs before you make a purchase


Home Sanitization

Our 3-layer program is powerful, effective and designed for maximum protection against infections without chemicals and toxic residue. We use both fogging and ozone approaches to ensure airborne and surface soil areas are disinfected. Instead of spending hours scrubbing with chemicals in your home, we can provide safe and effective sanitization techniques and products.

Pool Leaks

A pool is a great addition to any FL home as long as it’s in good working condition! At The Inspectagator we offer a Pool Leak Detection Test for all pools. Not only can we detect if there is a leak, but we can also perform a Dye Test to actually pinpoint the specific location of the leak. Order your electronic pool leak detection or Level 1 Dye Test with your inspection for added peace of mind on any pool.

Sewer Scopes

With our years of experience, we’ve learned the importance of a thorough home evaluation. Our highly trained inspectors and our equipment allow us to inspect all areas of the home. Without advanced equipment it is impossible to evaluate underground systems. Using our sewer scopes, we can evaluate the underground sewer lines to make sure they are in good condition.