Wood Destroying Organism Inspections

What’s included?

We combine a WDO (wood destroying organism) inspection with your home inspection to identify possible termite activity. We are state certified inspectors that look for evidence and damage from subterranean or dry wood termites, wood destroying beetles and/or wood destroying fungi.

Because we work with All Year Pest Control, we can also offer a customized treatment plan if there is an active infestation as well as regular pest control programs. 

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Inspectagator is not a licensed pest control company. For your convenience, we partner with All Year Pest Control to perform WDO Inspections at the time of the Home Inspection.

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What does a report cover?

The WDO Inspection Report is a written report based on the findings of an inspection on a structure for visible and accessible evidence of an infestation or damage by wood destroying organisms. If an inspection is done for these purposes, the inspection must be reported on a specific report form, DACS 13645, as required by Florida Law. Re-inspections are available after repairs are made of damages found during the inspection.

A WDO report tells the buyer if our inspector saw any evidence of the following:

  • Live termites or other wood destroying organisms.
  • Evidence of infestation by termites or other wood destroying organisms (including wood destroying fungi)
  • Damage by termites or other wood destroying organisms.
  • Previous treatment for termites or other wood destroying organisms, if visible.
  • The inspector will report the common name of the wood destroying organism identified and the location of the evidence. If there are inaccessible areas for inspection these areas and the reason they are inaccessible are reported.
Evidence of Wood destroying organisms

What’s a “Clear” report?

It is very possible for termite or other WDO damage or infestations to be concealed within walls or interstitial spaces even in homes that receive “clear” reports. A “clear” report is a report that states that no evidence of wood destroying organisms, infestation or damage was visible or accessible at the time of the inspection. It does NOT mean, however, that the buyer can be absolutely assured that there are no wood destroying organisms infesting the structure or that there is no hidden damage from termites or other wood destroying organisms. Such an infestation or damage may be hidden or may have been concealed and therefore not visible or accessible to the inspector.

Obtaining and reviewing documentation on previous termite treatment and protection contracts should also be an important part of the process. The only way to ensure that a home is safe from future termite damage is for the home to have been treated and bonded in the past or for it to be treated presently and to purchase a Full Repair and Re-treatment bond. 

Rotting wood
Termites in insulation
Damaged Wood

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