A business differentiator amid a Coronavirus pandemic

by May 21, 2020Uncategorized

If a real estate agent or an investor had this competitive advantage, would they be more or less likely to list and show more houses and close more deals?

One of the most relevant topics of our time is Coronavirus, stopping the spread and staying as clean as possible. The conversations are endless but specifically relating this topic to the transfer of real estate is an important discussion for those involved. As of this writing, the number of new residential real estate listings is down and overall inventory is down. Could this be an affect of the virus and sellers reluctance to open their house up to strangers? It’s certainly a plausible theory, wouldn’t you agree? 

Assuming this is the case or a contributing factor to the case, let me ask you this. If we could significantly alleviate seller apprehension regarding a bunch of humans running around contaminating their house, do you think sellers would be more willing to open up? If so and a real estate agent or an investor had this magic strategy, would they create a competitive advantage? If a real estate agent or an investor had this competitive advantage, would they be more or less likely to list and show more houses and close more deals? A logical and reasonable answer would be yes. Now let me ask you this. If a real estate agent or investor could gain access to this magic strategy, would the risk be worth $149? How about $249? I’m thinking personally, if your answer is now “no”, then you have your reasons. If your answer is yes, then let me throw the secret passphrase at you. 

Sanitize it.

That’s right, let them know that they can move in or move back in, safe. The house can quickly and effectively be sanitized, not a janitorial clean, but a sanitization of a whole house with antibacterial, antifungal, antimicrobial, antiviral, sporicidal and disinfecting technology and products! And best of all…no harmful chemical residues! Safe and green clean! Like any business, there are people who purchase a cheap ozone machine and begin a sanitization business. Look around, you can find a reputable company that can help you get that competitive magic strategy and differentiate your business!

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Special thanks to Aaron Shishilla of Wolfpack www.wolfpackadvising.com and Waypoint Inspections https://waypointinspection.com/