Required safety upgrades during an investor renovation

by Mar 17, 2020Electrical

We see a lot of rehabbed properties and I must say God bless the entrepreneur but…often the work is not performed under a building permit.  There are likely several required safety upgrades during an investor renovation.  From an inspector’s paradigm, if we are aware of a non-compliant/non-conforming issue, we should report it. We must also assume that if it wasn’t installed to a minimum standard, it shouldn’t be expected to perform to a minimum standard.  We encourage all investors/rehabbers to obtain all necessary permits as it protects all parties and facilitates a faster and smoother sale.

Although there are many things we could talk about, I’d like to start simple and mention just a few…
Effective January 1, 2014, where a receptacle that currently requires arc-fault circuit interrupter protection, a replacement receptacle at this outlet must be one of the following:
1. AFCI receptacle.
2. A receptacle protected by AFCI (receptacle or breaker).

Receptacle replacements are also required to be tamper resistant in those locations where they are currently required as well as weather-resistant in those locations requiring protection like outdoor outlets. These requirements protect older housing stock that new construction codes may not address.

Islands and peninsula counter spaces also require at least one receptacle. As a matter of fact, when reconfiguring a kitchen, permits are required and electrical modifications and/or upgrades may be necessary.

All these requirements can be found in the National Electric Code and the Florida Building Code – Residential & Existing.  For free access check out https://nfpa.org/NEC/About-the-NEC/Free-online-access-to-the-NEC-and-other-electrical-standards and http://www.iccsafe.org.  You can also find really great electrical-related information from http://www.mikeholt.com

We also have classes covering all things home inspection related, check out http://www.homeinspectionschoolflorida.com.  If you’d like to schedule a home inspection, click here https://4isn.com/inspectagator/schedule-online/theinspectagator

While initial investment may be a little higher, delay-free closings save far more money when stress levels are higher and time is of the essence. Always hire licensed contractors and happy rehabbing!