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As a home inspector you see a lot of surprising things . A homeowner's ingenuity or a builder's lack of quality control can cause funny, and sometimes dangerous situations.  Here are few of the things we have come across over the years.

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The air freshener is 151 degrees!


Yes, the garage door is not only backwards but upside down too!


A plumbing trap over an open and energized junction box!


This is someone’s yard decorations, an old jet ski with plants. Funnier part is that they had 2 of them strategically placed in the front yard.


Shed setting by Jack Daniels.


Metal closet bifold doors made into a porch roof!


Dishwasher not operable because we couldn’t close the door, the counter top prohibited the door from being latched.


They just had to have surround sound speakers so the wiring was run across the roof and simply poked a hole in the roofing material to get it from one side of the living room to the other. Genius.


This is why duct work should be sealed, the duct had fallen off the supply register years ago!


A plumbing vent stack made from a radiator hose, a tube of caulk and electrical tape!


One nail per bucket!


Home owner didn't know that you could buy a one piece plumbing trap!


Home owner disconnected the gas water heater exhaust flue and used it for the dryer exhaust because it just created too much humidity in the laundry room!


Original installation exhausted partially into the attic, see the soot.


Home owner wanted a sunk in bath tub so he drilled holes about 3/4" from the bottom of the floor joists and suspended the tub with braided steel cables. Water weighs just over 8#/gallon, fill the tub up with water and add one ignoramous and well you do the math!
Homeowner literally hand dug a hole and dropped a vinyl liner in and filled it with water. Kinda bumpy but the mosquitos love it!


Original installation, the whole neighborhood. Plywood is charred.



Condensing unit coils were caked with dryer lint!


Original installation, side wall flashing terminates and directs water into this framed wall!


Floor vinyl face nailed to the roof, need I say more?


New construction, screen contractor got a little confused about where the door should go.


For the life of me, I cannot explain the thought process that went through someones head when they installed the thermostat outside!