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I sent the email below to my realtor. You guys have an incredible service, you have identified a need and applied a competitive advantage (inferred, recall checks, on site print outs of reports and included additional information about pertinent problems). Combine that with your in depth inspection and numerous certifications, I don’t see why anyone would go with a different company.

This is nuts. Included in the $275 condo inspection, the inspector inputted all of the model numbers from all of the major appliances in the house. Now I get emails about any historic recalls on any of the appliances (attached). This is also a lifetime subscription so if there is ever a recall in the future I get an email telling me how to get it fixed and apply for any compensation.

This has to be one of the best inspections ever. I’m extremely impressed and as you said, they can be a huge asset for all your realtors.

This guy is the s___.

Jeff Wacksman

The bank wouldn’t even talk to us, they were firm at $420K so our mentor Kimberlee Frank advised us to hire the INSPECTAGATOR. We then took the report back to the bank and negotiated $140K off the “firm” price!


Kristen Reneski

We would just like to give a special thanks to the
Inspectagator. Due to their thorough inspection, we were able to save over

$20,000 on the purchase of our home. We really appreciate his hard work and honesty.

Amanda Faber & Andrew Strickland

Thanks for the opportunity to work with you guys. It's always a big undertaking buying a buidling for use like that, but we really felt that your expertise helped ease the matter quite a bit.  We really appreciated your willingness to work with and around our schedules, everyone was very friendly and did what they said they would do!  As for where we are now...the church was also glad to get the report as it helped the pastor communicate the needs to the members of the church regarding the condition of the buidling.  They were willing to work a great deal with the price, and even help us out with a deal that gives us cash to make the general repairs that needed done.  In all, between saving on realestate fees and what your report said, we are going to be saving around $100,000!!!!  The church has also replaced two of the air conditioners with brand new ones and they have redone the wood on the facia and eves as well as repainted all of that.  They are still working on some of the smaller repairs and last we heard they were going to work on the drainage system too.  We are trying to make sure that what they are doing fits your recommendations and they seem willing to comply as well. Having that report not only gave us peace of mind, but also quite a bit of leverage and not to mention a comprehensive "to do" list!  We are so glad that we choose your company for this job and we would highly recommend you to anyone else that needed this type of work.  In today's day and age, it's hard to find folks that live by what they say, but we found that in your company and we really appreciate that! Please feel free to use this information as you see fit and let us know if we can be of further help to you!   We have our final closing date as June 14th and things should get rolling after that to start school in August at the new place!  We are so excited and have already picked up several more children.  The Lord is blessing and we are so grateful to be in His service.

Thanks again,

Tim and Tricia Wiseman

just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful quality inspection that you provided me @ 1487 Creekside Circle in Winter Springs. I have used inspectors before and was incredibly impressed not only by your expertise and professionalism but by the detailed report and pictures. I also appreciate the time that you took to make certain that I understood all of the issues, including the delights of polybutylene pipes! Thanks to your findings and the outstanding documentation, the current owner has agreed

to replace the roof, address the leak in the bathroom and any resultant damage/mold issues and re-pipe the entire house. I have no doubt that the reasonable fee that you charged has saved me many thousands of dollars in future repairs and problems. Despite your unfortunate choice of a business name, this FSU alumni will gladly recommend your services to all!



Eileen O'Kennedy

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