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In order to continue to exceed the expectations of your clients, stay on the cutting edge of technology and be the best possible choice for home inspections in Central Florida, The INSPECTAGATOR utilizes a high resolution infrared thermal imaging camera in ALL of our full home inspections! We are able to see a moisture intrusion problem with a thermal difference of 1/10 of a degree without any destructive investigation! This obviously limits damage that can lead to mold growth, reduces repair costs tremendously and saves a ton of time. We can also confirm that repairs were made properly and leak free! The building diagnostic applications are immense. Roof diagnostics, energy auditing, heat loss/flow, slab leaks, your name it. We are market leaders and you can feel confident that we will protect and enhance your good reputation.

Here are some more real-life examples of what we have found here in Central Florida using the infrared camera.

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Water Heater Hot Cold Reverse


  Covered AC vent

Evaporator Coil Restriction

Garage Ceiling Leak

Leak At Shower Enclosure

Missing Insulation

Thermal Gradient

Hot/cold reverse at washing machine

Cold air leakage at front entry

Freezer door heat strips 133F!

Defective electrical main


Overheated Wire Splice

Stucco bond break

Window leak

Window leak

Chimney Leak

Pressurized Attic

Entrapped water on rolled roof

Hot/cold reverse at water heater

Pressurized house leak

Washer valve leak

Overheated electrical circuit

Improper furnace wiring overheating

Circuit Board